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Valentine's is Here!! Whether you have a bae or not; please don't forget to show some love today! Adebola gives us a few tips on how to enjoy the day responsibly below:

[RECAP] - MTV Shuga Naija Ep. 6

In Eps 6 of MTV Shuga Naija, we got to see how the choices we make in short moments have the potential to impact our lives for longer...Adebola weighs in with a recap:

[RECAP] - MTV Shuga Naija - Ep. 5

Adebola gives a quick recap of Episode 5. With the Q-code taking off and Diana giving misinformed advice; in this episode we get to realize why sex education is a necessity in schools.


In this piece, Vanessa highlights why stalking someone is wrong and also takes us through the steps you can take if you think someone is stalking you.

[RECAP] - MTV Shuga Naija - Ep. 4

Adebola is back with another recap! This time we are mid-way through #MTVShugaNaija's Season 4 and let's just say a few characters are in for some shockers...


In this piece, Khadija highlights the risks and danger of being a "runs girl" or "blessee". She also touches on how you can protect yourself if you are in a transactional relationship.

[RECAP] - MTV Shuga Naija - Ep. 3

Episode 3 comes jam-packed with action fam! Luckily for us, Adebola is here to give us a quick low-down on all the drama:

[RECAP] - MTV Shuga Naija Ep. 2

It's only episode 2 of #MTVShugaNaija yet the drama is already peaking! Adebola gives us a quick run-through of all that went down.

An ode to the Mrs

In this article, Khadija explores the relationship between young women in Nigeria, marriage and school. She also highlights the importance of education for young women, even if they are married and mothers.

Motherhood: A New Beginning

In this article we are reminded not to panic - even when we find out that we are pregnant. We'll also be educated on a few sexual reproductive health centres in Nigeria that one can go to if they need help or have queries.