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[RECAP] - MTV Shuga Naija Ep. 2

It's only episode 2 of #MTVShugaNaija yet the drama is already peaking! Adebola gives us a quick run-through of all that went down.

An ode to the Mrs

In this article, Khadija explores the relationship between young women in Nigeria, marriage and school. She also highlights the importance of education for young women, even if they are married and mothers.

Motherhood: A New Beginning

In this article we are reminded not to panic - even when we find out that we are pregnant. We'll also be educated on a few sexual reproductive health centres in Nigeria that one can go to if they need help or have queries.

Five Red Flags in Your Relationship

    In the last episodes of #MTVShugaNaija, season four, Ebisinde and Cynthia and Frances and Chinedu, finally got together and are wh...

How to support a friend who has been assaulted

Remember that no matter what an individual affected by sexual assault or rape did or did not do, sexual assault or rape is always the...

Victim Blaming

Victim-blaming comes in many forms, and is oftentimes subtle. Any time someone defaults to questioning what a victim could have done differently to pr...

Therapy: What’s All The Fuss About?

A friend of mine experienced her first bout of depression when we were in year 8. She was fourteen years old and had been raped on school gr...

How pulling out can lead to pregnancy and more

You’re in the heat of the moment and you realise you don’t have any condoms and you’re not using contraception, I guess pulling out is better th...

Contraception 101 - Everything You Need To Know

You said you wanted to know more about Contraception; well Vanessa is here with a complete guide on everything you need to know about birth control.

8 Common Myths About Birth Control

Wetin day Shuga Naija fam? We've all heard some crazy rumours going around about birth control! Some are so wildly absurd that we shudder to think tha...