Faa tried to get back on her feet hoping to show her talent at a certain audition and one of the judges asked for sex in exchange for a role. He did not even give her a chance. Trust Faa to put him in his place! Women who want to work hard to earn a living are still being manipulated by men in high positions. It’s really disturbing.

Shugafam, Mahmud finally stood his ground and has refused to have a second marriage! He is in love with his wife, Yasmin and is ready to wait for the right time to have children. Parents should understand that their children need to make certain important decisions themselves. Mahmud is a grown man who is capable of knowing what is perfect for his immediate family. I’m glad he broke that cycle.

Meanwhile, Tobi cannot deal with Barbie’s reality and has decided not to continue with their relationship. I was really rooting for them but I saw this coming. Do you think Tobi is being too hard on her?

Sad to see that Simi got an STI after engaging in unprotected sex with Wasiu. She tried to have a conversation with him about it but he wouldn’t listen and just as I predicted, she ran to Diana for advice. Diana, on the other hand, has been throwing up and feeling rather ill for a while now.  We aren’t sure of what is going with her anyway.

What we do know though is that actions have consequences after all...

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