Shuga fam, I am proud to announce to you that I am now a staunch fan of Ipeleng and Daniel’s relationship! Seriously, they deserve a round of applause. Their love is popping and do you know what makes it more endearing? Consent.

Daniel understands that consent is key and has decided to wait until Ipeleng is ready to take their romance to the next level.

For young people watching, that is the kind of attitude we all want to see in a relationship.  After this moment, they thought it would be a good idea to test before taking their relationship further, so they did a HIV self-screening test (HIVST) together. Relationship goals, yes? Is HIVST an approach you think you may explore? For further information on self-testing, read our detailed piece here.

Meanwhile, Reggie’s father has refused to accept his son’s reality. In fact, Reggie is not even welcome in his own home! It is sad to know that a lot of gay people (particularly in Africa) experience this kind of rejection from their parents. If Mr Vilakazi cared for his son as much as he cared for his students, the world would be a better place.

Q and Dineo seemed to be going just fine until he started feeling the need to impress her in all the wrong ways. He took her to the club and went above his means, trying to show her he can fill the shoes of her blesser. I do not understand why he did that. By the end of the day, Dineo was extremely unimpressed and so was I.

Guys and girls, I'm worried. Lemo seems to be enjoying his new drug business so much. Too much. He even started pushing drugs outside the school yard. Unfortunately, he stepped on some dangerous toes and got stabbed for selling drugs in the wrong territory.

My mouth was agape when these guys stabbed our harmless Lemo. I refuse to accept that Lemo is dead, his story cannot end this way! I am devastated and I cannot even begin to imagine how Ipeleng will feel when she finds him in a pool of his own blood. This is Sol’s fault and he really needs to be stopped before he destroys another person’s life.

Episode six left us at the edge of seats. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next one.
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