Shuga Down South


How to Tell Your Child they are HIV Positive

After seeing the trauma Arabeng felt after her family decided to delay disclosing her status, Adebola has come up with some helpful advice for parents and guardians in this situation.

Where to turn when a family member is abusive

In her most recent piece for MTV Shuga: Down South, Lesedi Thwala wants you to know the options available to you if you are being abused by a family member.

Lerato's 67 Minutes of Reflection

Lerato Walaza observed Mandela Day in her hometown of Pretoria where it dawned on her that South Africans still need a lot of guidance.

Get To Know The #MTVShugaComic Artists - Part 1

For her first ever #MTVShugaDS article, Thobile Mbele speaks to this year's #MTVShugaComic winners!

Circles: Is Leaving an Abusive Lover Enough?

Adebola Aduwo thinks there is more that should be done to stop abusers from affecting current and future victims.

GBV - How to Leave and Seek Help

Athandiwe Ntshinga is back with her latest article where she offers advice to victims in abusive relationships.

"I just found out my bae has a blesser..."

Q and Dineo's relationship on #MTVShugaDS was VERY different to the norm... Phumlani Kango gives us some advice on how to date someone knowing that they have a blesser on the side.

Siblings playing parents: How To Lessen The Load

Ipeleng wore many hats on #MTVShugaDS: She was an older sister who acted like a parent; a teenager who acted like an adult, and a student who had to work like an employee. Athandiwe Ntshinga takes a closer look at the challenges of child-parenting.

#MTVShugaComic: Meet Your Winners

MTV Shuga Down South opens up the industry once again!


After sharing part 1 of her season recap last week, Adebola Aduwo is back with part 2 of the full review of #MTVShugaDS Season 2. Find out what she thought of Q, Lemo, Ipeleng and Sol's adventures this season.