Shuga Down South


Circles: Is Leaving an Abusive Lover Enough?

Adebola Aduwo thinks there is more that should be done to stop abusers from affecting current and future victims.

GBV - How to Leave and Seek Help

Athandiwe Ntshinga is back with her latest article where she offers advice to victims in abusive relationships.

"I just found out my bae has a blesser..."

Q and Dineo's relationship on #MTVShugaDS was VERY different to the norm... Phumlani Kango gives us some advice on how to date someone knowing that they have a blesser on the side.

Siblings playing parents: How To Lessen The Load

Ipeleng wore many hats on #MTVShugaDS: She was an older sister who acted like a parent; a teenager who acted like an adult, and a student who had to work like an employee. Athandiwe Ntshinga takes a closer look at the challenges of child-parenting.

#MTVShugaComic: Meet Your Winners

MTV Shuga Down South opens up the industry once again!


After sharing part 1 of her season recap last week, Adebola Aduwo is back with part 2 of the full review of #MTVShugaDS Season 2. Find out what she thought of Q, Lemo, Ipeleng and Sol's adventures this season.

#MTVShugaComic - Meet the Judges

Here's what the #MTVShugaComic judges are looking for in the ideal illustrator...

MTV Shuga: Down South(S2) - Season Recap Part 1

Now that #MTVShugaDS is done and dusted, Adebola Aduwo is taking a closer look at everything we experienced in a two-part article.

"Tell Me More About PrEP..."

Whether you've never heard of it, or you're keen to learn more about it, Phumlani Kango is here to tell us a little bit more about PrEP. He's a national PrEP ambassador and has used the medication for a year now.

#GBV: How to Help Someone Who Can't See The Danger

Sometimes the very victims of gender-based violence are those who need the most help seeing the danger they are in.