Shuga Down South



One of our writers, Adebola Aduwo, takes us through a quick recap of the first episode of the NEW season of #MTVShugaDS.

The Root of Toxic Masculinity

“This is how toxic it had become — it was in my blood. My muscle memory...

PrEP: The sex pill that protects against HIV

Sex should be fun, and worry-free; with PrEP it's a way to ensure it's a least worry-free. Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a daily pil...

Your Five-Step Guide to HIV Self-Screening

HIV self-screening is a quick, convenient, and confidential HIV testing option.

5 Unanswered Questions from #MTVShugaDS

Season 2 of #MTVShugaDS is a few weeks away, and Lesedi Thwala takes a few guesses at how some of Season 1’s unsolved mysteries will pan out…

Should condom dispensaries be placed in schools?

The debate about condom dispensaries in schools still continues. South African journalist, Ayanda Sishi shares several facts and some much-needed perspective on the matter.

Win tickets to star in the Live Studio Show

Are you an MTV Shuga fan? Would you and two of your friends like to hang out with some of the cast just in time for Season 2? If this is you...

Hear Me too: I'm not to blame

When it comes to women, people always try to blur the lines of consent and they act like a woman has no right to bodily autonomy. This should not be so.

Celebrating 20 years of Impact

December 1st 2018 marks 20 Years of MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Hear Me too: Who was I to tell when I was raped?

"Who was I to tell when I was raped? When a man took my body because he felt he deserved it simply because he gave me a gift."