The 2019 MTV Shuga comic book is currently in development and just like last time, we have a team of exciting young illustrators who are working hard to bring this year’s stories to life. This year’s team features 8 talented artists who are ready to use their skills to empower and educate young South Africans. 

MTV Shuga sat down with this year’s artists in between their work for the upcoming comic book and took a moment to discuss their expectations for the powerful stories which they will be telling. We began by speaking to this year’s head judge, as well as four of our eight artists and here’s what they had to say:

Sean Izaakse - Head Judge

MTV Shuga: How are you feeling about the production so far?

Sean: It's pretty good, everybody seems super enthusiastic but a bit nervous which is fine. You know when someone hasn't done full comic books before it does come a bit intimidating, but I like it because it gives you that exciting but nervous feeling!.

MTV Shuga: How do you feel about giving opportunities to young people on something that the whole world is going to see?

Sean: You know what, for me, it's pretty awesome because growing up I never had someone to talk to on how to make comics. I used to walk by the corner cafe and buy comic books, so I'm glad I can be that guy I never had when I was growing up. It's like I get to teach them, the basics of teamwork and storytelling. I'm all for that!

MTV Shuga: What is the first thing you can remember drawing?

Sean: I copied a picture of spiderman onto an A4 page when I was in grade 2, but I actually have artwork that my mom has. I drew some of my first images when I was 5 on the back of a cigarette box. Even though they look awful but I think we all start somewhere

Tshidi Mantutle

MTV Shuga: It's MTV Shuga Comic Season and you are on the team, how do you feel about it?

Tshidi: Super excited, second time's a charm! I'm definitely looking forward to broadening my opportunities! Lets just see what we make of it but I'm definitely psyched.

MTV Shuga: You have a very interesting approach and a different style to your artwork, so how do you feel you will be able to bring some of your vision to the comic book this year?

Tshidi: I feel like a bit of surrealism wouldn't hurt, I mean obviously I will stick to the initial brief but I hope there's room for some surrealism!

MTV Shuga: So when did you start drawing or illustration?

Tshidi: I started illustrating in college back in 2013, but I've always been an artist since I was a baby.

Karabo Jabulane

MTV Shuga: Karabo you are working on The MTV Shuga Comic book. Who is your favourite MTV Shuga Character?

Karabo: It would have to be Ipeleng, played by Thuso Mbedu. 

MTV Shuga:If you can get a chance to illustrate her, would you jump for it?

Karabo: I  actually started a drawing of her but I'm not done yet!

MTV Shuga: Not only are you going to give us your creative vision for this comic book, but your work is going to go a long way towards educating people, how do you feel about that?

Karabo: I’m actually excited about that, because I've been around and getting recognition from MTV Shuga is just mind blowing for someone like me.

MTV Shuga: How old were you when you started drawing and do you remember what your first drawing was?

Karabo: I started illustrating in 2014, when I illustrated my high school pictures.  Now I think those drawings are wack but it was humble beginnings. To get to where I am now howvever, I thank God.

Letlhogonolo Fortune

MTV Shuga: Fortune did you ever think you were going to win the #MTVShugaComic competition when you entered?

Fortune: No but I remember posting on my WhatsApp status and I was like, “ I saw you guys posted a picture of people who will be winning and I was like now it's time to get down my knees and pray! And yea I prayed with my mom -- now I'm here. 

MTV Shuga: What's that one thing you feel you gonna bring to the team that's different from everybody else.

Fortune: Because I'm working with one of the best inline artists I think i'll bring a lot to the table. People just need to watch this space.

MTV Shuga: How old were you when you started drawing and do you remember what your first drawing was?

Fortune: I started drawing a picture of my mom,  I started illustrating with microsoft paint.


To all our Comic geeks out there, the MTV Shuga team  and the talented illustrators behind the comic book are working their hardest to bring you a story that will have you flipping from cover to cover! Look out for our next round of interviews next week as we get to know more of this year’s artists.