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Unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy

What you need to know

The topic of abortion is a difficult issue that many girls and young women have to face.

Some of the reasons why a girl may wish to have an abortion could be because of: the health dangers from the pregnancy, the circumstances which led to her pregnancy, i.e. rape, a lack of financial resources to support their child, or for the simple fact that they are not ready for the responsibility of having a child and being a parent. All of these reasons, and others, are perfectly justified.

Stigma about abortion forces a lot of people to seek illegal terminations. This kind of judgment can make it difficult for women to feel comfortable when approaching the idea of abortion. The abundance of signs advertising “cheap, pain-free abortions” and flashy websites is also confusing but remember, anyone who cannot direct you to an actual address of a clinic is not safe. Picking up pill or meeting someone on the street is always a sign that something isn’t right.

Another reason why illegal abortions are so high is due to a lack of information. Having access to vital healthcare is pointless when girls do not even realise that it exists.

Deciding to end a pregnancy can be an emotionally difficult period in a pregnant girl’s life, and it is important to understand that the woman facing this decision is not doing so lightly. If you, or someone you know is considering an abortion then there are many channels you can go through.

The most important thing is to take the right path.

Going to a government-approved clinic will ensure that you are seen by professional healthcare workers, who can ensure that your abortion is carried out safely. Going as early as possible in the pregnancy also ensures you have more options and more providers that may be able to help you. Having an illegal abortion can be extremely dangerous, expensive and ineffective.

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