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PrEP is a medication for HIV negative individuals who are at of high risk of contracting HIV. Pre-exposure prophylaxis most commonly ...

Safe Sex & Family Planning

If you are based in SA and need more advice on safe sex & family planning our friends at Marie Stopes are a phone call or whatsapp message away...

Sexual Assault and GBV

If  you need some one to talk to about an Assault or GBV and you are based in SA see below: - ...


For more information about HIV & AIDS, we've got you covered: - The South African National AIDS...

Getting tested

Know your status

What is HIV?

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Living positively

I'm HIV positive but I'm still me


Always use a condom

Sexual Assault/GBV

No one should suffer in silence

Transactional Sex

Are you truly blessed?

Teenage Pregnancies

Baby on the Way

Sexual Identity

We all have different paths

Unwanted pregnancy

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Changing the rules