First things first, Lemo is awake, thank goodness! He took responsibility for his situation but we really can’t blame him for anything that happened. Lemo is just a primary school pupil and he wasn’t aware of what he was getting himself into. I’m just glad he’s healing up nicely.

Shuga fam, I knew Andile had skeletons in his cupboard for sure. Zamo found out that he is married and even has two children. I could tell that she was deeply hurt because she emotionally invested in this relationship. She was wise enough to tell him off though. Zamo is trying to get her life together and dating a married man is not an option, now or ever.

Meanwhile, Q spent his entire scholarship fee at the club while he was trying to impress Dineo. He was told to vacate the school premises until he sorts himself out. Why would anyone jeopardise their future like that? Now he has lost both Dineo and his free-pass to education. There is so much to learn from Q’s story and I can’t but feel sorry for him.

Guys, Mthunzi has become really violent towards Amahle. This time, she ended up at the hospital. I am shocked that Amahle still finds excuses for his behaviour and has refused to leave that marriage. I am also worried that she may not be so lucky next time. Many people find themselves in abusive relationships and would rather remain in that position than leave because of fear of the unknown.

Reggie finally convinced Kwanele to get tested. By using the HIV self-testing kit, he found out that he’s HIV positive. I like that he went to the clinic immediately to get his anti-retroviral treatment. Kwanele understands that HIV is not a death sentence and he has chosen to live positively.

Do you know your status? Get tested today!

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