Sol found poor Lemo hours after he was stabbed. He had lost a lot of blood and was almost lifeless. He took Lemo to the hospital, gave the nurse Ipeleng’s phone number and disappeared. It is such a relief to know that Lemo is still alive. I really pray he gets stronger soon.

Ipeleng has put her entire life on hold because of this situation. It is hard being a parent and a big sister all at once. I am glad she has a strong support system around her now, her friends are amazing.

Meanwhile, it appears Q still doesn’t understand the dynamics of Dineo’s life. Dineo is involved with blessers because she needs to cater to her family and Q doesn’t get that. Unfortunately, her blesser had sex with her without using protection but she was wise enough to go to the clinic to get some emergency contraceptive pills. I love that she has her head straight and takes care of herself properly without letting Q’s vibes distract her.

Bongi has been ignoring Masego's calls because she’s bothered about what his reaction will be when he finds out about her status. I’ll just like to say that your HIV status does not define you. People will stay in your life if they really want to regardless of what your status is.
So, Mr Vilakazi cares for Reggie after all. He’s scared that people are going to hurt him for being gay. Shouldn’t he be having this conversation with Reggie instead of pushing him away? It’s not too late to fix his relationship with his son, I hope he realizes this soon enough. Still talking about parent-children relationships, Khensani finally poured out her heart and set her mother straight. All she needed was someone to talk to while she was growing up and her parents were hardly ever there. This is a trend in many homes and I am so glad MTV Shuga is addressing these issues.

Guys, I was happy when Kwanele decided to take some time away from work to get tested. But guess what? He dashed our hopes and ended up at a bar until it was too late to go to the clinic. I think he’s really scared of what the outcome might be but the trick is to know your status early enough so treatment can begin as soon as possible, if necessary.

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