Guys, I know I said Valentine’s Day didn’t mean a thing to me last year. (I’ve changed my mind and I’m not sorry, okay? Don’t ask why, mind your business!).

Okay okay, let’s get serious. I mean, isn’t it amazing that one day has been dedicated to celebrating love all around the world? It feels so good to see mushy posts on social media, the surprises, the cakes and the super cute presents.

I still believe love should be expressed all year long, don’t get me wrong. And if you’re one of those who have unrealistic expectations and think the events of February the 14th are directly proportional to the magnitude of love your partner has for you, please, do fix up. Stop searching for an unnecessary reason for conflict.

I’ve also had a really good laugh at the hilarious ‘God when’ tweets on my timeline. What is wrong with you guys?

I've also realised that the lessons from MTV Shuga can apply to just about any real-life scenario and Valentine's Day is no different. Over the year's we've seen moments of romance on the show as well as moments of heartbreak; we've felt the heat of some of the steamy sessions while also learning that it's okay to be on your own.

Anyway, I’ve put together three points to ensure you have a smooth Valentine’s day experience. I’m no expert and these points are as basic as can be but they are super effective for saving you from heartbreak. And of course, they are aided by our beloved MTV Shuga characters!

Give without expectations

More often than not, we find it difficult to give without expecting reciprocity. Honestly, this amounts for 90% of heartbreaks that occur during Valentine’s. Give because you want to, not because you’re expecting something in return. Under normal circumstances, giving is not a transaction. What’s important here is that you’ve put a smile on someone’s face.

One couple that mastered this over the years on MTV Shuga is Femi and Sheila. We've been rooting for these lovebirds ever since we saw them in MTV Shuga Naija and you'll recall that in the last season of Down South, Femi got down on one knee and proposed. Although he wasn't expecting anything from Sheila, we're happy he got a "Yes".

Small gestures go a long way

Ah, this is a very important point. I have seen people go all the way for the others, and that’s a good thing. The problem here is you feel compelled to go above and beyond your pocket size. An unwise decision, if you ask me. Gift giving is not a competition, guys. Stop it. Quit trying to match or transcend your partner gift-giving abilities if your pocket-size doesn’t match that energy. Don’t do it ‘for the gram’. A perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive.

Look at DJ Coalstove, for instance. When he saw Bongi for the first time he was determined to shower her with love and affection, with small gestures and gifts. Similarly to the previous point, he expected nothing in return but only wanted to show her how much he cared for her.

Use a condom

You really thought I was going to skip this point? Many of us are going straight to bed after today’s activities, others are ending up in bed as well but it’s going down. So guys, while you’re at it, protect yourselves. You have no excuse.

Of course, sometimes you can take all the precautions you want and somebody could still try and ruin it for you. Remember the time when Zamo's partner removed a condom DURING sex? If you are a guy, please never subject your partner to this kind of betrayal - ESPECIALLY not on Valentine's Day.

Have a love-filled day, guys. MTV Shuga loves you more than you know.