We're still reeling after the multiple cliff-hangers that MTV Shuga Naija left us on at the end of it's most recent season. But if you thought we were going to leave it there and disappear for the next few months then we've got some news for you...

There's still a lot more MTV Shuga Naija coming your way!

MTV Shuga Naija - The Radio Drama

Starting from the 19th of September, #MTVShugaNaija is going to be airing in English and Pidgin on radio stations across Nigeria. This year's exciting television characters are going to take us even further into the storyline by sharing their most intimate thoughts and hidden emotions in our radio Drama.

How does it work?

If you're new to the #Shugafam, then you're in for a real treat. Each episode of radio series will be narrated by a different character from the TV drama, showing us the storyline from a completely different perspective. Like with the TV Show, we want to make sure our radio drama is as accessible to as many of our fans as possible. This means that we're going to help you listen to every episode when it airs on radio, and also share the drama online afterwards for our fans to stream!

Where to catch each episode?

All times are Nigerian Time

Cool FM Lagos 


Day and Time: Wednesday 18:00 PM (From 19 Sept. 2018)
Show: The Night Cafe
Frequency: 96.9 FM
Click Here To Stream

Wazobia FM Lagos


Day and Time: Thursday 17:00 PM (From 20 Sept. 2018)
Show: Evening Oyoyo
Frequency: 95.1 FM
Click Here To Stream

The Beat 99.9 FM Lagos 


Day and Time:  Saturday 11:00 AM (From 22 Sept. 2018)
Show: The Saturday Cruise
Frequency: 99.9 FM
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