Haven’t got tested for HIV? Why not?

1. Fear the test results will come back positive.
Reluctance to get tested is understandable, because being diagnosed with HIV can be a life changing experience that can impact a person’s life in unwanted ways.

What to do: Get tested. HIV is not a death sentence. With an early diagnosis and the right treatment, people can live just as long as someone living without the disease. There are support groups available and life can continue as normal. The problem lies in leaving the virus undetected till it becomes hard to treat.

Your status is your personal information; you should only share with the people at risk like a spouse. But if you choose to disclose your status with anyone else, that is up to you!

2. You don’t think you need to.
People blindly believe it won’t happen to them, so they don’t see the point of being tested. Remember, a lot of people who have tested HIV positive didn’t expect to or didn’t know they had been exposed to the virus.

What to do: Get tested. It is better to know for sure.

3. My partner is negative...
It’s great that your partner has been tested, but that doesn’t mean because they’re negative, that you are too. It’s equally important to know your status and stay healthy.

What to do:
Get tested regularly, so you both know your status and can continue to have a relationship free from worry – well at least HIV free worry.

If you’re in Nigeria call NACA on 6222 to find your nearest testing centre.

4. You think it’s better not to know
Being haunted by the fear of having contracted the disease from a past or present partner can cause a lot of anxiety. Ignorance is not bliss in this case. If someone living with HIV doesn’t know, his or her chances of living a long and healthy life are undermined.

What to do: Get tested. If it turns out positive, you can be treated immediately. If it turns out negative, you can move on without the constant worry and practice safer sex. Either way its better knowing. Don’t put it off! If you’re in Nigeria call NACA on 6222 to find your nearest testing centre.