Bongi has been through a lot on #MTVShugaAloneTogether. She has lost Aunty Nomalanga to Covid-19 and she is doing her best to get through the grief. Depending on who you are, you might have different methods for how you cope with loss. Some cry through it, some mourn for a year, some (many?) experience the 5 stages of grief.

Mohau Cele, the real life actress who plays Bongi on MTV Shuga, has taken the time to share this ode to Bongi in the form of a poem. Grief affects us all, but through time, we are all able to heal.



By Mohau Cele

One loss is too many

No life is bought with a penny

Life well lived is to be celebrated

It may be sad, but they made a mark.


Hope doesn't disappoint, we shall meet again.

No sorrow, no sickness, no pain again.

You’re my witness, I will run this race.

No game, no shame, I will not hesitate.


You might feel alone

Alone together, our memories are engraved on stone.

It's ok to cry and grieve.

Give it time, your soul will receive relief.