Tsholo's story

Like her best friend Khensani, Tsholo wants to be older than she is. However, unlike Khensani, Tsholo is not concerned about being in love, she wants nice things! Trying to keep up with the latest trends requires a little imagination and some serious dough. Tsholo is a daddy’s girl at heart, but her father is frequently on the road with work, so she is often left to her own devices at home alone. Tsholo gets into a relationship with Sol, the son of a rich taxi company owner in Zenzele. Initially, Sol showers her with gifts and treats her well, he appears to be the perfect Blesser. However, as time unfolds she learns that nothing comes for free and the price she has to pay is high.

Actor Biography:

Stephanie Sandows

Stephanie Sandows play the role of ‘Tsholo’ in MTV Shuga: Down South. Previously, Stephanie had presented a host of shows, such as ‘Bonisanani’ and ‘Craze’, as well as featuring on TV show ‘Scandal’. MTV Shuga: Down South will be Stephanie’s first lead role.

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