Sheila's story

Thousands of miles, different time zones and separate countries are not enough to keep our favourite couple apart. Even though Sheila is living it up in Lagos, her and Femi have decided to stay together while he starts his new life in South Africa. Distance does make things harder though, and the longer that time passes the more challenging things will get for our long-lost lovers.When the distance gets too much Sheila decides to make a visit down South to visit her man. Sheila’s love for Femi is clear, but as things develop Down South, the added pressure is proving to be tough on their ‘magnetic relationship’ – will their relationship survive the obstacles thrown at them?

Actor Biography:

Adesua Etomi

Having first joined the Shugafam in Lagos for series four, Adesua is heads to SA for MTV Shuga: Down South. Although Adesua was trained in theatre arts and has featured in a number of plays, she has performed in large-scale films too. Particularly, recent Nollywood productions ‘The Arbitration’ and ‘The Wedding Party’ were presented at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016.

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