Rakeem's story

Rakeem is the owner of Braamfontein’s hottest nightclub Club Surge and he the husband of Storm.He’s rude, arrogant and driven by power, lust and money. Though he is married, he is a womanizer and blatantly unfaithful to his wife; using his position at the club as leverage with women. Bringing Femi to run Club Surge is meant to take his spot to new heights, but when things begin to get personal, the two dudes find it hard to see eye-to-eye. When his wife tries to get her own back on him, do you think he lets it go without a fuss?

Actor Biography:

Clint Brink

Clint Brink joins MTV Shuga Down South as the headstrong club owner ‘Rakeem’. Clint has made numerous appearances on South African TV shows such as ‘Generations’ and ‘Scandal’, and is also a talented musician. Expect Clint to take his fierce skills from previous shows into the brand new world of MTV Shuga.

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