Femi's story

Femi moves to Joburg from Lagos to take up a job as a music promoter at Club Surge, owned by Rakeem. Though he misses Lagos and his girlfriend Sheila, he is determined to make a success of this opportunity as he knows it will benefit his career in the long-term. Femi and Sheila are a magnetic couple, he is HIV positive and she is HIV negative; as they are in a long term relationship the couple start exploring other HIV prevention tools in addition to condoms. Long distance relationships can be challenging, but when temptation comes knocking on Femi’s door, can we count on to do the right thing?

Actor Biography:

Emmanuel Ikubese

Former Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese has starred as ‘Femi’ in MTV Shuga since season two in 2011. Singing, acting, presenting and modelling, Emmanuel has it all. He’s featured in a variety of Nollywood films, and is an MTV Shuga veteran having been in three seasons of the show. He has also worked as a movie producer on ‘BLACKOUT’, which has received nominations both locally and internationally.

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