Diliza's story

Diliza bursts into the lives of our Zenzele crew with a bang. Known as a cool dude from the neighbourhood, Diliza enters Reggie’s life in an important moment. Their friendship is a rollercoaster ride, but Reggie’s struggle in finding himself is made a lot easier by having Diliza to lend a helping hand. This friendly advice is not limited to his personal troubles though. This cool, older guy inspires Reggie to be bold with his graffiti and explore his inner feelings through his artistic skills.

Actor Biography:

Muzi Mthembu

Muzi Mthembu plays the role of ‘Diliza’ in MTV Shuga Down South. Muzi has trained as an actor at the National School of the Arts, as well as the Wits School of Arts. His acting background began in the theatre before moving on to television productions such as: ‘High Rollers’ and ‘Check Coast’. Muzi has also written and produced ‘Mutual Friends’, illustrating his passion for TV and film.

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