A Guide To Lockdown Love


By Adebola Aduwo


A Guide To Lockdown Love

What’s up, Shugafam?

How are you holding up this period? I know we’re all still adjusting to our new way of life. I mean, I miss the liberty I had weeks ago and I practically live in my fridge right now. LOL. Hey, don’t worry, we’ll pull through this together! Since the lockdown began, numerous theories have sparked up. However, it is important for us to know what information is authentic and also learn how to properly protect ourselves. 


COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a novel coronavirus. This infection comes with mild to moderate respiratory illness. To further reduce the rate of transmission, you need to practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, use alcohol-based sanitizers, and keep your hands away from your face. You can find more about protecting yourself and others here.


That being said, a lot of us are worried that this pandemic could eventually cause a strain in our relationships. Would intimacy fade out? How can we have sex standing 2 meters apart? Would we still have access to contraceptives during the lockdown? Honestly, there are so many factors to be considered. 


COVID-19 and sex

I know thoughts of wearing a hazmat suit or a mask while doing the do have crossed your mind a couple of times. I’m not judging. You can still have sex like normal people, guys BUT you have to be completely in the know of your partner’s health status. Did they self-isolate for the stipulated time after returning from a high-risk environment? Have they been practicing social distancing and proper hygiene as well? If you and your partner are sure that you have taken all the necessary precautions then, by all means, go ahead and have a great time. We most certainly do not recommend sexual intercourse with people outside your household this period though. You really can’t control what happens in your absence and that potentially increases the risk of exposure.


Access to contraceptives

Over here in Nigeria and in many other countries, drugstores are still in business. At a time like this, condoms and morning-after pills, which can easily be purchased without a prescription, should be highly considered to reduce the risks that may come with visiting a clinic for other contraceptive methods.


On long-distance relationships

I know how difficult this can be. But dating in these ‘coronial’ times can heighten your creativity. You finally have an opportunity to build a connection that does not involve physical touch. You get to engage in more conversations and learn more about each other. Come up with fun stuff to do together even when you’re miles apart. Always remember that communication is key so do your best not to lose touch with one another. Oh, and make exciting plans too so you can have something to look forward to! 


Don’t let the loneliness hit

Living alone and being forced out of your routine can take a toll on your mental health. Let us keep ourselves engaged in this period. I have been reading, taking online courses, trying new recipes, and working out more often since the lockdown began. I have also minimized watching or listening to anything that can increase my anxiety. 


Now more than ever, it is paramount for us to take care of ourselves and look out for each other (from a distance, of course). Keep in touch with the people in your life. 

Let us be alone together. 

For helplines related to mental health, violence, and abuse, and COVID-19 go here.


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