Top tips on how to prepare for the shuga auditions!

Hello talented and upcoming Shuga stars. It’s your boy Ikubese here, aka Femi, from Shuga: Love, Sex, Money, and soon to star in Shuga series 3, set in Naija.

You must be really excited to audition for the award-winning MTV Shuga drama series. I know exactly how you feel because I was in your position a few years back and I want to share some useful tips that helped me when I was auditioning for the role of Femi.


Femi in series 2

1. Know the Show:

A lot of people make the mistake of turning up at an audition without knowing what the show is about. This will only cause embarrassment – just imagine if you are asked on the spot “what do you like about Shuga?” and you answer “what is Shuga?” Ah, this is not a good look! Always do your research! This will give you an edge. I watched Shuga 1 over and over again before I went for the auditions.

2. Understand the character:

When you go for an audition you are given a character to play. Don’t just rush into the audition room; take a few moments to understand the character. Rehearse your lines with someone; this will help in controlling your nerves.

3. Be friendly:

Most of the time you are asked to audition with another person. If you are not friendly or welcoming, it could affect your performance and your chances of getting the role. You might be the best actor or actress, but if there is no chemistry between you and the person you’re acting with, then you could end up being the one going home.

4. Be Confident:

Trust me; this will make you stand out from the rest. Look into the eyes of the judges and show them you are the right actor or actress for the role.

5. One Chance:

Remember, you have one chance, so put your all into it and make it count.