The low down on episode 2!

*Warning: Spoiler alert *

Only two episodes in and we already want this series to go on forever – Shuga series 3 where have you been all our lives?

Episode 2 ended with a massive cliff-hanger involving Sophie and Ekene. Just to recap: Sophie discovered that her sugar daddy, big time business man Solomon, is a carrier of HIV. Not only has she been sleeping with him without condoms, but she also has had unprotected sex with her best friend’s boyfriend Ekene, who she may have unknowingly infected! So much wahala!

As worried as they both were, they did the right thing and got tested.  Will they test positive or negative? The outcome of the test could have life changing consequences, not only for the pair, but also for Foye, who has been betrayed by both her boyfriend and best friend and is unknowingly at risk. Will Ekene come clean and tell her what he’s done?



What’s even more startling about the whole situation is Solomon’s refusal to accept any responsibility for knowingly putting Sophie at risk. Instead he tells Sophie she’ll be fine, because he himself ‘looks healthy’. And even though he might indeed look healthy – people who are living with HIV can live long and healthy lives – he does have a responsibility to tell his sex partners he is living with HIV. Wouldn’t you agree that what Solomon did – having unprotected sex with Sophie without telling her his status – was wrong?

There’s an important lesson to be learnt here: always use a condom. You never know whether your sexual partner may be infected or not.
In episode 2 we also saw that the seemingly perfect marriage between Nii and Malakai started to show cracks. Nii reacts aggressively when he finds out that his wife has been spending time with her friend Sophie. Do you think there is something sinister about a man who tries to control who his wife talks to? Nii’s temper is set to magnify in the next episode when Malaika tags along to a night out at Badoo with her promiscuous friend. You’ll be surprised at just how dark their marital home becomes.

Keep Shuga on lock and let us know your thoughts on the series so far…


Written by guest blogger Juliana Oladipo