The Inside Scoop: Samke’s Top Tips

Want to know what it takes to become an actor on MTV Shuga? Listen closely…

Preparation for the newest season of MTV Shuga is well under way. Everything from lights, cameras, directors; the works. It’s all coming together for what is going to be our biggest and baddest series yet. However, there are still a few pieces left to the puzzle before we can call action on our latest production.

As always, we’re opening up auditions to the public in order to find Naija’s rising stars. Come Saturday 12th August, Planet One in Ikeja will play host to Nigeria’s budding young actors.



If you are dying to know how the open auditions will unfold, then look no further…

  • Arrive at the audition venue (Planet One, Ikeja, Lagos) with a valid ID
  • Queue up, register, get your name tag and receive your script (same as the one found here)
  • Now it’s time to chill, recite your lines, soak up the entertainment from the awesome MTV Base VJs, meet some of the cast, and see if you can spot a celebrity or two
  • The time has finally arrived! Wander up to the preliminary audition where you can showcase your talents and show us what you got! If you’re successful, then you’re through to the next round
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    With on-the-ground auditions right around the corner, we thought now was as good a time as any to catch up with our very own Samkelisiwe Makhoba, who played ‘Khensani’ in MTV Shuga: Down South.

    #ICYMI, Samke came through the public auditions in Jo’burg to become one of the leading stars in #MTVShugaDS, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the auditioning process.

    Check out Samke’s top tips below, as she drops some knowledge on what it takes to become an MTV Shuga star.


    A good actor prepares. Make sure that you have a good idea and understanding of the story, your lines and actions, which will allow everything else to flow more easily.

    Eat and drink a lot of water before your audition. Drinking a lot of water helped me calm my nerves. It also kept me energized.

    Hard Work
    Acknowledge that you live in a country with talented people. Don’t let that acknowledgement bring you down, but instead let it make you work harder.

    Stay Focused
    There will be a lot of people practicing in the audition line. Do not compare yourself to others and do not feel intimidated. Make sure you stay focused.

    Keep it Simple
    Do not over act. Acknowledge the differences between television and theatre performance. This audition is for television, therefore try to remember to tone it down and be more natural.

    Get in the Zone
    Moments before your audition, make sure you get into character. Spend at least 15 minutes before you enter the audition room in complete silence. Use that time of silence to gather the mannerisms, body language and personality of your character.

    When you arrive in the audition room expect to meet three amazing judges. Trust me, they will be friendly and make you feel extremely comfortable.

    Confidence is key as it destroys all nerves. Walk into the audition room with confidence, take a deep breath and don’t forget to have fun.

    “This moment may change your life forever” – Samke Makhoba


    A Little Something Extra…

    Need some more advice? Following Samke’s words of wisdom, there’s not much more to add, but we in the MTV Shuga Team have thought of a few more ‘inside tips’ that may be good to know…

    Double Team
    Be prepared to audition with another person. If you haven’t looked at the script, then make sure you do so NOW! You can find a copy of the script here. Now that you’re up to speed, you might have noticed that there are two parts to the script. In order to make sure we see as many people as possible, we may audition people together so that we can give more people the chance to be seen. Bare that in mind when picturing what your audition is going to look like.

    Treat Your Audition Like a Job Interview
    You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview without preparing before, right? You’d also take it pretty seriously, and make sure you’re focused on the task at hand. Same thing applies for an audition. If you’re serious about acting, then you got to put in work! This is a craft, not a game, so be sure to give it your all!

    Make Your Time Count
    After what may be hours of queuing, as you patiently wait for your moment to shine, it may all be over in the blink of an eye. Make sure you make the most of your time in front of the judges, as your period in the audition rooms may add up to only a couple of minutes. With that being said, make sure you go for it; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


    There you have it folks! Together with Samke’s golden tips, you should be all set for the big day.

    Take note of the details below to make sure you arrive at the auditions with plenty of time to spare:

    DATE: Saturday 12th August
    TIME: 8am-5pm (2pm cut off time)
    VENUE: Planet One, 5, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos

    For those of you who can’t make it to Lagos this Saturday then don’t sweat it. Online auditions are open till the 23rd August, with the full details on how to enter right here.

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