The Highs and Lows of MTV Shuga 4

After what might have felt like an eternity, MTV Shuga came back with a bang!
When the first episode of #MTVShuga4 dropped on Base it drew us in like the heavenly smell of fried plantain, it had us all hooked.

But I did notice some of our beloved faces were missing – Foye, Malaika, Ekeeeennnnnee. I felt slightly cheated – what happened to them? My cry wasn’t alone and knew others felt the same.

Then something happened!  Half way through episode two, I realised I was already smitten with the new storyline and characters and loved seeing my ‘Sophie-so-fine’ and Tobi back on my screen.

And like many other shows I’ve watched, the old characters have simply moved on. From episode 1 through to 6, I got stuck into the Sophie and Leo drama and the Weki and Leila love story.

But when a series ends there’s always a moment of despair, ‘why is it over?’, ‘what will I fill my time with now?’, ‘when will it return?’. ???
I know most of you are asking the same questions about MTV Shuga but don’t worry, you can fill that Shuga hole with…wait for it… more Shuga!
The TV series has sadly come to an end, but there is so much more to look forward to. MTV Shuga Radio – giving you more insight into the characters and their dilemmas; the Shuga comic and…well, I can’t give it all away…but there is a lot more in store for you in the New Year.

Patience Shugafam, good things are coming your way! But in the meantime, why don’t we just relive MTV Shuga 4 all over again?
Here’s a recap of the best moments from MTV Shuga 4; the highs, the lows, the emotional moments and definitely the funny ones!



Princess is a mum now!!! As Sophie candidly said “mama born boy!” It was definitely a great way to end the series. After everything Princess has been through, giving birth to a healthy baby boy definitely brought happy tears to our eyes!


Also seeing Princess and Sophie bonding after their constant fights this season was a lovely sister moment!

Sheila & Femi

Femi and Shelia gave us relationship goals this season! Sheila definitely lived up to the title of the ride-or-die girlfriend. Her unwavering support for Femi despite her family’s disapproval and the stigma HIV-positive people endure in the world was great to see.



Femi Revealing His Status
Despite Sheila’s family’s attempt to bribe Tobi with 350 thousand Naira, Tobi resisted the urge to betray Femi & Sheila. But it was Femi who showed real bravery this season by revealing his status live on air! HIV-positive people often deal with HIV Stigma everyday and Femi and Sheila took the bull by the horns and schooled everyone on what it means to be HIV-positive and be in a magnetic relationship.



The Music
This season had amazing talented acts, from the new MTV Shuga 4 title track, ‘Catch Me’, to Bongi performing at the talent show and Patoranking and M.I’s performances at Badoo were also the icing on the very delicious cake!dancing2


The Hilarious Moments

MTV Shuga 4 definitely had some really funny moments.
From “who wants to be havin di sex”


To Princess’s dramatic faint session (sorry Princess but that was funny!).

princess fainting(1)

Or even better, Weki’s hilarious awkward reaction to Leila at the HIV Support class. Oh weki! We love you and your corny but cute ways!


The teenage girls

Watching Mary and Bongi’s friendship this season was so adorable! The girls supported each other and stuck by each other!

bongi and mary mtv shuga 4

Weki and Leila also gave the teenagers relationship goals! Although, Weki initially messed up at the start by not being honest with Leila about his status. When Leila discovered the truth, it was Weki’s full honesty and disclosure that made it viable for them to have a future relationship. No more lying! They just might win the cutest couple!

mtv shuga weki & leila

The Independent Women!

Ok, so this season repped girl power to the fullest! Sophie’s 360 transformation to a BOSS was great to see! Holding down multiple jobs while supporting her sister. Who run the world? Girls!
Eniola’s character was a pleasant one for all the single mothers out there. Being HIV-positive, raising a kid and still giving Princess the emotional support and mentorship she needed, can we call her Saint Eniola from now on?



Leo & Sophie
Leo and Sophie were definitely a hot couple this season and we loved them together, so it was heartbreaking to watch their relationship crumble! Have you read Sophie’s emotional letter to Leo yet? It might make you teary-eyed!

Some of you want Sophie to forgive Leo, the rest of you are shocked that Leo could be such a wildcard!
But sadly we’ll just have to wait to see what the future holds for the former lovebirds!

Nii & Mary
Nii definitely took an even greater turn for the worse this season. He was a horrible husband to Malaika in series 3 but his predatory behavior towards Mary was highly disturbing. Mary became a victim of sexual assault but she didn’t let it break her.

nii and mary's mum MTV shuga 4
Thankfully, Mary and her mum came to their senses and stepped up and Nii was arrested. Justice must be served!

Ah Shugafam! It was definitely a great season and the future for MTV Shuga looks even more exciting! So watch this space! ?



Written by Damilola Odufuwa

Aside from creating blog content for the MTV Shuga site, Damilola is the Editor-In-Chief of An afrocentric buzzfeed-like site focused on entertaining Africans. Currently based in Lagos Nigeria, she spends her spare time blogging about music and advocating for equality and feminism with various international independent organisations.

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