Slay the dance floor with these African moves

We’ve all been there before…

A hot song plays in the club, prompting you and your friends to hit the dance floor and everyone moves in unison as if they all got a memo that somehow didn’t make its way into your inbox.

“Psst… I don’t know this dance move,” you try to whisper to your friends, but it’s so loud in the club that nobody can hear you or help you. So you awkwardly attempt the dance knowing full well that you’re probably doing it wrong and your friends slowly distance themselves from you as you do.


Nobody likes feeling left out and these days new dances go viral so quickly that by the time you finally learn the move, another one has taken its place. Luckily, MTV Shuga is here to help.

In 2017, we were gifted with many trendy dance moves from across the African continent and we’ve compiled this guide, with one move from each country, just for you. We can’t predict what 2018 is going to hold and which artist is going to drop which move (feel free to drop your predictions and recommendations in our comments section!)

Here are six hot dance moves from six different African countries – use them wisely!

Nigeria – Shaku Shaku

The Shaku Shaku dance move took over the streets at the end of 2017 and looks like it will be a mainstay this year. It’s inspired songs by the likes of Dammy Krane and Olamide since its birth.

South Africa – Gwarra Gwarra

DJ Bongz’ Gwarra Gwarra was massive in 2016 and saw a revival in 2018 when Rihanna pulled it off on the Grammy Stage. DJ Bongz himself was flattered by the gesture.

Kenya – Odi

It’s hard to create a new dance move but when you nail it, it goes viral. That’s what happened when the Odi took over Kenya in 2017 and it hasn’t stopped trending since.

Zimbabwe – Sungura

Sungura (also nicknamed the “Borrowdale Dance”) is a dance move from Zimbabwe that originates from a haughty suburb in the capital city, Harare.

Ghana – Abaa Dance

The Abaa might have been a late arrival to the Ghanaian club scene but this didn’t stop the infectious dance move from going viral. The great news is, it’s pretty easy for beginners too!

Uganda – Kachima Dance

Ugandan dancer, Wembley, changed the game when he featured in Eddy Kenzo’s “Sityaloss” – this is where he debuted the exciting Kachima dance which has swept the nation since then.