MTV Shuga returns for a fifth season!

MTV Shuga is back for a fifth season and we couldn’t be more excited!

The shugafam far and wide have been crying out for a new series and we’re finally able to share the good news…that not only are we coming back, but we’re taking MTV Shuga to South Africa!!

We’ve had four very powerful series – set across East and West Africa – and it’s time South Africa got in on the action.

Ahead of last night’s launch announcement in New York, MTV Shuga boss, Georgia Arnold, noted that “MTV Shuga is moving to South Africa at a time when HIV prevalence is up to 8 times higher among adolescent girls than among adolescent males (15-19 years old) in South Africa. (UNAIDS 2015).”

“While the total number of AIDS-related deaths in all age groups fell by 35% between 2005 and 2013, AIDS-related deaths in adolescents increased by 50%. (Lancet Commission 2015).”

The next instalment of MTV Shuga, starring South African actress Mohau Mokoatle (aka Bongi), is due to begin pre-production in September 2016. The latest incarnation of the series will be funded by South Africa’s Ministry of Basic Education, PEPFAR (The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), Marie Stopes International and Positive Action.

The exciting return of MTV Shuga follows a newly released study that shows ‘MTV viewers are twice as likely to get tested for HIV’.

The study conducted by the World Bank and released today, has shown that ‘MTV Shuga has had a profoundly positive effect on knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of young people relating to HIV/AIDS and safe sex’.

So not only are you being entertained, fam, but you are making positive changes.

Keep locked onto the MTV Shuga website to find out more about what’s coming up for all new Season 5!

  • Anidiobi Eric Ejiofor

    owwww yea!!

  • Tenesha Moody

    excited!!! all the way from Toronto, Canada!

  • Fransina Ndunge

    I am all excited about season five… come September… i love SHUGA…..

  • sarah jane walters

    Excited all the way from Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • K4KLA$$Y

    I love Shuga!!
    Kristal from Virginia, USA

  • Cornelia Kamehozu-Uazukuani

    Yesss…. Ive been watching shuga for years now. Since episode 1 in Kenya. Love it !

  • Nasinga Quashie

    I Love Shuga cant wait to see Episode 5

  • Niri Gwott

    I have watched shuga countless times from season 1 – 4, infact i will like to believe that I can recite the script of each actor/actress. Why won’t i be excited about season 5, I have waited too long. Too bad I can’t be a part of it.