MTV Shuga Presents: 16 & Pregnant

Are you ready?

MTV Shuga is proud to announce a special one-off documentary about the reality of teenage pregnancy in SA.

As part of MTV Shuga Presents: 16 & Pregnant, three Mzanzi teenagers are telling it how it is, and showing us what it’s really like being pregnant whilst you’re still a learner.

You can catch this brand new show on MTV Base (SA) on Wednesday 31st May @ 21:30 CAT, and MTV Base (ROA) at 22:00 WAT.

Trust us Shugafam, you do not want to miss this!

Teen pregnancy affects thousands of learners in SA every single year, with the most recent study showing that 15,500 teenagers fell pregnant in 2015.

In light of this, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Marie Stopes International have joined forces to try and highlight this issue, and provide young people with the information they need to protect their sexual & reproductive health.

Thato, Fanele and Nhlanhla take centre-stage in our one-off show, and open up about their personal experiences.

Being pregnant has its challenges, but being pregnant whilst you’re still in high-school offers up a unique set of difficulties, and the crew explore further as we hit Rockville, Kliptown and Pretoria to take a closer look.


We join the three soon-to-be mothers during a key stage in their life, as they try to navigate their way through their teenage years. Rebellion, love, sex and coming of age are tough things to face whilst you’re dealing with pregnancy and motherhood at the same time.

MTV Shuga: Down South is meant to reflect the real life challenges that young people face every day. Throughout the series we have dealt with a host of issues, with teenage pregnancy being a key topic during #MTVShugaDS.

Looking at MTV Shuga Presents: 16 & Pregnant, we see the drama series come to life, and see the parallels to be drawn between the TV show and reality.

This is not one to be missed…

For more information, please phone the Marie Stopes hotline at +27 860 995 085 or chat with a counsellor on the Marie Stopes WhatsApp line at +27 62 595 2446 (South Africa only). You can also check out our dedicated section on teenage pregnancies for more information here.