Meet The Cast: Moses Akerele

Get ready for our all access interview with the newest star of MTV Shuga Naija

Moses Akerele , who is playing ‘Khalil‘ in the brand new season of MTV Shuga, will be gracing our screens in 2018.

Writer, presenter and acting extraordinaire, Moses has it all! Taking a step back from the bright lights of the entertainment industry, Moses broke down what it means to him to feature in the upcoming series, as well as his top tips for overcoming life’s daily challenges…


Describe yourself in three words…
Just three words? Arrrrgh! Okay, “A GOAL DIGGER”; (Creative, Vast, Spontaneous).

Where’s home?
I’m always on the move. Home is however anywhere I can be me, find time to do the things I love and be with the people I love.

Where’s your favourite spot in Naija?
I’m still looking for it! If you can suggest any cool spots, I am open to suggestions…

What do you do to relax?
Basically, STAY INDOORS. Maybe watch a movie, play video games, cook, write and sleep.

What’s your favourite song on your playlist right now?
I’m random with songs o, but currently, I’m loving ‘Heaven’ by Banky W, ‘Tonight’ by Nonso Amadi, ‘Only You’ by Ric Hassani, ‘Uncle Suru’ by Jon Ogah, ‘Joromi’ by Simi, ‘Despacito’ remix, and anything by Johnny Drille.

What’s your favourite TV show?
Ha! This one go hard o… there are many shows on TV these days, interesting ones too, it would be hard to choose one.

What made you want to become an actor?
I am a lover of the ARTS in all forms and I always wanted to express myself since I was a child, well. I couldn’t do everything that has to do with the arts, but acting has always been a part of me. I love to interpret different roles, pass messages, influence the world and be a tool for social change. I want to be ground breaking and make history

On a lighter but very genuine note, I love to be in front of the camera. I’ve always felt like TV was for me. I enjoyed drama so much when I was growing up, and I wanted it to be more than just that little piece of dialogue and play we put up at the end of year events in school, or at Christmas eve in church. Acting for me is more than just another career; it is a living.

If you weren’t an actor, then you would be…
I’d definitely be a presenter or writer. If I wasn’t doing anything in the art industry then I’d be an Engineer, a motivational speaker or a Pastor.

Best piece of advice you ever received?
Be you, in all you do and stay true to yourself no matter what.

How do you overcome day-to-day challenges in your life?
I’m not going to pretend like there is a set way that makes it easy to overcome challenges, but first thing to have in mind is that “challenges” will come, but overcoming them makes our success more beautiful.

You know what they say: prepare for the worst. I do too but I’m always hopeful that the best will come anyways. I start my day with God, I pray and leave the major parts to God (the minor parts will be to work and not just lounge around, and understand the need to play safe even through the hustle and bustle). Challenges strengthen the mind, so I’m ready for them to make me stronger, but honestly it’s not easy.

What made you want to get involved in MTV Shuga?
I’ve always wanted to affect the world around me, be an ambassador for social change, development, and have a positive impact on our behaviour, culture and norms.

I feel like there is a lot out there that we don’t see, know or accept sometimes because of ignorance or stereotypes and at other times, fear and hypocrisy.

For me, social issues can never be over flogged because day after day a lot of them arise. We need people to know how to deal with these matters. This is what MTV Shuga does; helping to build an educated generation of young people, armed with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and their friends.

What social issues covered in the show are close to your heart?
All of them, because the vision is to affect the world and make it a better place. I know there are a lot of people in real life who are going through these issues, sometimes silently, and if they keep going through it without seeing that there are ways to deal with it, then it doesn’t provide them with the help they need. If we are passionate about the world and the well being of everyone around us, then we must do something to help that vision become a reality.

What are 3 things you wish to accomplish in your life?
– HAPPINESS. I want to be a happy man from now and throughout my life.
– In all that I do, I want to be a force to be reckoned with.
– I want to look back, and thank God that I made it.

What are you most looking forward to about the new season of MTV Shuga in Nigeria?
WOW! Now because I know how the story goes , I am looking forward to seeing how people will be affected by EACH character (there is something to learn from every character). This season deals with a lot of things; it cuts deep across different issues and different tribes too. I’m waiting to hear feedback because this season is DEEEEP.

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    Too proud of u oree. Greater heights darling.