Lupita Nyong’o talks about her role in Shuga

Tonight all eyes will be on the Royal Opera House in London, as Hollywood’s glitz and glam descend on the red carpet for the 2014 Bafta Film Awards.
Our attention will be fully focused on Luptia Nyong’o, as we wait in anticipation to see whether she will take the award for Best Supporting Actress, in her movie debut as “Patsey” in 12 Years A Slave.
She has taken the world by storm, with her role as “Patsey” already winning her the Screen Actors Guild and Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, as well as being nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Award.

Shuga 1 Ep 2
As hard-core Shuga fans will remember, Lupita first starred as Ayira, the beautiful, confident and vivacious college student, in Shuga series 1, set in Kenya.
Lupita described working in Shuga as “a trip”.  “[Shuga] has been amazing because it’s been very well received over Africa, so effective and rewarding.

“I think one thing the campaign [Shuga] is trying to do is talk about how HIV and AIDS is not a death sentence,” Lupita told CNN in an interview in 2010. “[HIV] is a condition that can be managed, if one chooses to do so, if one catches it early on you can live a healthy life with HIV.” I’ve been able to be an ambassador for HIV and AIDS” she said.
Check out the full CNN interview with Lupita, as she talks about Shuga and how it’s changed her.