EPIC FAILS: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to Valentine’s Day. All of your hopes and dreams for romance fall magically on the same day EVERY SINGLE YEAR (its 14th February for those of you who can be slightly forgetful). How do you live up to the expectations? What can you do to prove your undying love for bae? Netflix and chill is NOT going to cut it…

Knowing what to do depends on the kind of relationship you’re in and who your partner is. Universal truths are hard to come by, but there are some basic things you SHOULD AVOID this Valentine’s Day, unless you want it to be one EPIC FAIL…

Shugafam, don’t be that person.


Caught Slipping

Each to their own crew, but cheating at any time of the year is a risky game to play; not to mention a low blow. Valentine’s Day, however, poses its own challenges when it comes to this tangled web. Your boyfriend wants to spend some time on the day of love, but your side-dude needs some loving too. DO NOT try and split this day between your two lovers. Finding out someone has been unfaithful can be hard to take; imagine finding out on Valentine’s Day?! That would cut through a person quicker than cupid’s arrows. Be wary fam. Finding out someone’s been unfaithful is an arrow to the heart! So quit playing games. Trying to balance two at a time is sure to leave you with no one.


Breaking Up

Fails do not come any bigger than breaking up on Valentine’s Day. Honesty is cool and telling your partner how you’re feeling is always a smooth move. Apart from Valentine’s Day. There are 364 other days in the year to break up with someone. Try avoiding the day of love when going your separate ways. If things are too much and you need some space then do you fam. Relationships usually come undone over a period of time. If you can cut off before, then do it! If you can hold out longer without being emotionally vulnerable, then do it! If you can stand neither, then make sure you do what’s best for you. Just be sure that you’re breaking up because things aren’t right, and not because you’d rather save your cash than get bae a Valentine’s Day gift.


Leaving your rain coat at home

After spending a magical day with bae, things can heat up quickly. You’ve had an amazing night, your heart is bursting with passion, and you trust this person above anyone else. What use is a condom? Guys, have you not been watching MTV Shuga?! It doesn’t matter how much you love them or whether you trust them or not, using a condom is the ONLY way you protect your sexual health. Your partner, whilst lovely, may be HIV positive and not even know it. YOU may be HIV positive and not even know. Protect yourself and protect the one you love by strapping up before straffing up. Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the time you slipped up.


Forgetting its Valentine’s Day

Real talk fam, let’s be upfront with each other. Not everyone is blessed with a good memory. We are busy people, living busy lives, and sometimes things get away from us. Like that one time you forgot to pick up some eggs on the way back from school, or when you made plans to catch your friend in the park but only remembered the next day when they called. Things like that can be forgiven. There’s an inner goldfish inside us all. What cannot be forgiven, however, is when your memory-loss kicks in around about the 14th February. Forgetting Valentine’ Day is a sure fire way to get yourself in some serious trouble, and get your partner worked up with all types of anger. Set an alarm, write in your diary, leave notes all over your bedroom; whatever you do, do not forget V Day.


Telling BAE that you don’t Celebrate #VDay

This particular ‘fail’ is a certified way to get you into your partner’s bad book for forever and a day. True, V Day has become a huge commercial event, where you’re expected to buy gifts, have a nice dinner and spend weeks worrying about the perfect day, but the spirit of Valentine’s Day still holds. It’s about showing your appreciation for your number one squeeze. You may do this every day (which you definitely should) but dedicating a whole day to your partner is not something you get to do every day, so make the most of. Make some effort and get your swag on fleek. Please don’t tell your lover you don’t celebrate #VDay! Instead, just celebrate it however you feel comfortable, rather than banishing it from both of your lives. You can thank us later…


So fam, there you have it, MTV Shuga’s five epic fails to avoid this Valentine’s Day. YOU’RE WELCOME. Avoid these steps and you’re all set for a day full of lust, love and minimal embarrassment. Ignore this advice at your peril…